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5 thoughts on “Presentations from Working with iPads, January 2013 – Sessions II and III

  1. Susan, Thanks for a great class, I’m trying differents things every day. I have a few questions. I uploaded my pictues to Dropbox without difficulty. Do the pictures on my iPad stay there forever? Also am I able to attach my iPhone to my PC and sync with iTunes just as I do with my iPad? I had problem installing Evernote but will try again. Thanks again
    Sandy Williams

    • So glad you are exploring! Your pictures will stay until you select an album to “unsync”. You can delete photos from your Camera Roll and Albums. You CAN manage your iPhone just like your iPad with iTunes. If you sync them all to the iCloud, you will have all of your apps and music and photos everywhere!.

  2. We are enjoying the class greatly! Please don’t forget the two handouts you mentioned last night! Thanks for everything… Jane

  3. Hey Susan! Will you please post the 4th session’s slide presentation! Thanks much and have a great week!

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