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How do I get my photos from my iPad to Dropbox?

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In class on February 5th, a student asked about getting photos from her iPad into DropBox.  Here is a link to the instructions:

  • “Purchase” the Dropbox for iPad app – it’s FREE
  • On your iPad, go to Settings>Privacy and  make sure that the Sharing is turned ON for Dropbox and any other app where you wish to share data among devices. If you are using Evernote and Printer Pro, these should also be ON
  • Open the Dropbox app.  Look at the Settings at the bottom of the left column. Touch the Settings “gear” icon. If you wish to have your photos uploaded automatically when you open Dropbox,  turn the Camera l Upload to On. If at any time you wish to stop this feature, just turn this off and you can still upload photos manually.
  • Ensure that the Link to iPad has been activated.  It’s at the bottom of the settings page.
  • In the left column, touch the sign at the top of the column. You can Create a folder  or Upload Here. When you choose Upload, your Photos will automatically upload to Dropbox from your iPhone or iPad

Dropbox Settings

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