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Apps Suggested in Class


For Session IV, I always ask participants to bring their favorite apps to share with the class. The last 2 classes have brought some wonderful suggestions which I have listed below. Feel free to comment on this post with your own favorites and I may include them for the next class.

  • Boating apps – Not being a boater, I didn’t think about this category. Upon exploration, I found some really wonderful apps if you are interested in anything having to do with boats. For example, apps on purchasing a boat, equipping a boat, navigation, GPS, magazines for boaters, tides, docks and marinas, fishing, state and national and International guides for boaters and sailers, and much more. Just search Boating or Sailing in the app store.
  •  Jesus Life Together: Prayer Journal, Christian Books and Free Music – Free and with good reviews. Includes writings, full CDs, videos, inspirational pictures and more.
  • White Noise Box (FREE) and White Noise (($1.99) – both have hiigh ratings and reviews and features to help you sleep with white noise background. White Noise appears to have more features. Read the review and decide!
  • Shop Savvy (FREE) – This is a barcode and QR code scanner that checks prices, finds the best, give retailer information, directions, finds deals, and you can save and share. Good ratings and review.
  • CSR Racing (FREE) – Race your dream car in the ultimate test: a drag race along deserted city streets! Great ratings and reviews. Additional app add-ins are available for purchase inside the game.

2 thoughts on “Apps Suggested in Class

  1. Here’s on for wine lovers: Scan the bar code on a bottle of wine and it will show you ratings and comparative pricing. Hope you are well, George Brake

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