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Working with iPads presentation for Lunch & Learn at the Havelock Chamber of Commerce, March 19, 2014

The link below is to the presentation at the Lunch and Learn event on March 19, 2014. This short session focused on used of the iPad in Business. The presentation is in PDF format and should be viewable by everyone who has Adobe Reader. To download Adobe Reader, go to


Working with iPads, Havelock Chamber of Commerce

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Slides for Day 2 of the Special 2-Day class

Here are the slides from Day 2 of the Special Class.  The links to videos of the music presentations should be live.

I have a new iPad! Part II -special 2 day class

The Calendar App I mentioned in class and then forgot to explain is Calendars5 from Readdle.   This version costs $6.99 and to me is worth every penny. If you would like to try a free version of this calendar, it is Calendars by Readdle.  If you like the free one, you’ll love the Upgrade.

Readdle also has created the best Print app that I have found.  It’s called PrinterPro. They offer a “try before you buy” feature that allows you to download the app and test it before investing the $6.99 to purchase it.

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Slides for our short 2 day class for friends!

I was asked to do a short iPad class for friends and friends of friends! I love sharing my enthusiasm for the iPad and iPhone, so I said yes.  I’ve posted the slides here for the group to use. This is an abbreviated version of my 7.5 hour class.

Day 1 of 2 day class presented in March 2014.

Here is a  question that arose during class:

How do I get my older photos out of my Camera Roll and into PhotoStream? Seems like an easy question, but it certainly isn’t! I’m still looking for a GOOD answer, not a less than satisfactory shortcut… I found a few of those.