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Welcome to the “handouts” source for the 2017 Mastering Your iPad and Mastering Your iPhone Adult Enrichment Program classes at Craven Community College. This is a space to ask questions and find the resources mentioned in class. After each session, I will put all of the links and apps I mention here in this space. I hope you’ll take advantage of this resource!

There’s no need to write everything down during class. One of the joys of the iPad is that you can have everything in one place, accessible where ever you happen to be! I went to a conference recently and didn’t take a pen out of my handbag until the 4th day – and that was because someone needed my signature! You will learn that I LOVE being paperless.

For more information about all of the wonderful classes being offered in the Adult Enrichment Program at Craven Community College, visit the Adult Enrichment website


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