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Presentation slides from February 21 session of Mastering Your iPad

The following link will take you to the full presentation from the class on February 21st. This is in PDF format so everyone should be able to open it. If you need Adobe Reader, it can be downloaded here:

February 21, 2017 Mastering Your iPad presentation slides

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February 14, 2017 Presentation slides

The following link will take you to the full presentation from the class on February 14th. This is in PDF format so everyone should be able to open it. If you need Adobe Reader, it can be downloaded here:

Mastering the iPad, session 1, CCC New Bern, Feb 14 2017

Here’s the link to the video we were unable to play during class:

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Managing Your Apple ID

If you are attending one of my courses, I ask that you know your Apple ID & password before the first class. That seems obvious, right? Well, I am always surprised by the number of attendees who have no idea what their Apple ID and password are! Often that is because the iPad or iPhone was a gift and the kind giver did all the setup to make it easier for the recipient…. not a good idea. Especially with “mature” iPad and iPhone users, our younger family members think we are too old to do this stuff. WRONG!! If you are going to use the device, you need to know how to add apps, download and install updates, and generally keep your Apple device in tip-top shape.

Apple support is a great resource, and they have provided a page for those who have challenges with the Apple ID. Here is it so you don’t have to go look it up!

I look forward to seeing you in the first class with your Apple ID, Password, and pass code (if you have one) ready at hand so we can spend our time on the FUN STUFF!

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It’s been a while since I’ve offered a class on using the iPad. Not many people were registering for my classes, and I was getting much busier at my other position as Technology Coordinator at Keller Williams Realty. 2017 is a new year, for sure! I’ve now “retired” from my Keller Williams staff position and the Adult Enrichment Program has come to life at Craven Community College. Both are welcome updates in my life!

I was asked to bring back the iPad class and add another on Mastering Your iPhone. The iPad class is offered in February in New Bern and March in Havelock. I have only one iPhone class – we’ll see how it is received. It will be in March in New Bern.

If you would like to register for either class, please visit the Adult Enrichment Program website at

I hope to see you there!

  • Here are the dates for the Mastering Your iPad course:
    44511 Feb 7-16 TTh 9-11AM BIT 214 $80
    44525 Mar 14-23 TTh 9-11AM Havelock REDD 126 $80
  • These are the dates for the Mastering Your iPhone course:
    44553 Mar 15-22 W 9-11AM BIT 108 $40

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Welcome to your Resource Site!

Welcome to the “handouts” source for the 2017 Mastering Your iPad and Mastering Your iPhone Adult Enrichment Program classes at Craven Community College. This is a space to ask questions and find the resources mentioned in class. After each session, I will put all of the links and apps I mention here in this space. I hope you’ll take advantage of this resource!

There’s no need to write everything down during class. One of the joys of the iPad is that you can have everything in one place, accessible where ever you happen to be! I went to a conference recently and didn’t take a pen out of my handbag until the 4th day – and that was because someone needed my signature! You will learn that I LOVE being paperless.

For more information about all of the wonderful classes being offered in the Adult Enrichment Program at Craven Community College, visit the Adult Enrichment website


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Did you know you can mass-delete email from your iPhone or iPad? Here’s how!

This information comes from in this article:

This refers to Gmail in the instructions below. This works if you had added your Gmail account to the native Mail app on your phone or iPad. It does NOT refer to the Gmail app itself.


Do you need to purge all of your emails in one quick motion? Apple’s new operating system upgrade has now made this possible. The new iOS 9 has a new feature that will let you immediately erase all your mail in the Mail app. If you are using Gmail then you should start by changing the archive setting to delete by:

  • Going to Settings
  • Open up Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Select your account
  • Go to Advanced
  • Under Move Discarded Messages and select Deleted Mailbox
  • After you do this open up the Mail app
  • Select Edit at the top
  • Click TRASH ALL at the bottom

Voila! Now your email is completely empty! You can now enjoy the benefits of having an inbox with zero emails.