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Spring/Summer 2017 iPhone & iPad Classes at Craven Community College

More classes have been added to the schedule at Craven Community College/Adult Enrichment Program.  To register, go to and scroll down to view my classes.

Mastering Your iPad meets for 2 weeks on Tuesday & Thursday, 9-11 am beginning May 16. The class is held in the Business Technology building (BIT) on the New Bern campus. The cost is $80.  Are you making the most of this amazing device? If you are using your iPad just to play games, share picture with family and check your email, you are missing an exciting world of learning, organizing your life, connecting with others, monitoring your health and just having fun. Under the guidance of iPad master Susan Braaten, in four short classes you will learn the basics of getting your settings right, master the “native” apps – camera, calendar, contacts, FaceTime, iBooks, iTunes, maps, messages, music, notes, photos reminders and more. Learn how to master apps to organize your life, make wise choices and explore the other 999,000 apps!

Mastering Your iPhone  meets for 3 weeks on Wednesdays June 7, 14, and 21 from 10 am -12 noon.  The cost is $60. Learn the basics of the Apple iPhone plus tips & tricks to use it to its maximum potential. Covers settings, calling, texting, native apps, the App store, managing your photos, the iCloud, and accessories including the Apple Watch.

Attendees need to bring their device fully charged and know their Apple ID and password. If you do not know the ID/password, you can email Mrs. Braaten before class for help at or view this blog entry.

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Managing Your Apple ID

If you are attending one of my courses, I ask that you know your Apple ID & password before the first class. That seems obvious, right? Well, I am always surprised by the number of attendees who have no idea what their Apple ID and password are! Often that is because the iPad or iPhone was a gift and the kind giver did all the setup to make it easier for the recipient…. not a good idea. Especially with “mature” iPad and iPhone users, our younger family members think we are too old to do this stuff. WRONG!! If you are going to use the device, you need to know how to add apps, download and install updates, and generally keep your Apple device in tip-top shape.

Apple support is a great resource, and they have provided a page for those who have challenges with the Apple ID. Here is it so you don’t have to go look it up!

I look forward to seeing you in the first class with your Apple ID, Password, and pass code (if you have one) ready at hand so we can spend our time on the FUN STUFF!