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Presentation slides from May 2017 sessions of Mastering Your iPad

The following links will take you to the full presentation from the classes on May 16 – 25, 2017. This is in PDF format so everyone should be able to open it. If you need Adobe Reader, it can be downloaded here: slides

1- Mastering the iPad – 4-day Spring 2017 Final

2- I have a new iPad! CCC Part II – 4-day 2017 Spring Final

3 -Mastering the iPad – 4-day Spring 2017 final

4- Mastering Your iPad CCC 4-day Spring 2017 Final

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Did you know you can mass-delete email from your iPhone or iPad? Here’s how!

This information comes from in this article:

This refers to Gmail in the instructions below. This works if you had added your Gmail account to the native Mail app on your phone or iPad. It does NOT refer to the Gmail app itself.


Do you need to purge all of your emails in one quick motion? Apple’s new operating system upgrade has now made this possible. The new iOS 9 has a new feature that will let you immediately erase all your mail in the Mail app. If you are using Gmail then you should start by changing the archive setting to delete by:

  • Going to Settings
  • Open up Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Select your account
  • Go to Advanced
  • Under Move Discarded Messages and select Deleted Mailbox
  • After you do this open up the Mail app
  • Select Edit at the top
  • Click TRASH ALL at the bottom

Voila! Now your email is completely empty! You can now enjoy the benefits of having an inbox with zero emails.

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Mastering Your iPad, Craven Community College New Bern Campus, August-September 2015

All of the class presentations for this session will be posted on here. This is a PDF file which includes all of the links I use in class. You can download this and review as needed. I’ll also post answers to questions on this Blog, so keep the link handy!

August 26, 2015 : Day 1 -Mastering the iPad – 4-day 8-15

September 2, 2015 : Day 2 -Mastering the iPad – 4-day 8-15

September 9, 2015 :  Class 3 -Mastering the iPad – 4-day 8-15

September 16, 2015 :  Session 4 -Mastering the iPad – 4-day 8-15